5 Alien Shapeshifters Caught on Video
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Added: 13-03-2014
From: CaughtOnVideo ( Send PM )
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Real Shapeshifting aliens captured on video. Where your attention goes - your bio field energy flows. The internet you read this with = The Satanic NWO & you're sending your bio-energy to Satan. Satan is Latin for Saturn= Little Zeus =Jesus in Latin = represented by the "black cube, ring & eye. Symbols = the language of the universe & a conduit your energy flows through to Satan. Every religion, game, gaming console, TV station, appliance, toy, & electronic device Is marked w/ the cube, ring or eye of Satan. "The Internet = The NWO" that tracks your every move. You breath Satan's chemical air, you line your kids up for Satan's Poison Vaccines, you drink Satan's fluoridated bottled water +cook'n bathe in it. You eat Satan's poison GMOs, Satan's poison enriched foods, you drink & eat Satan's poison milk/dairy = pasteurization kills the enzyme your body needs to absorb any value. You speak Satan's language (a virus) that reduced your brain cap to 10%. Words are black magic spells that can be reversed to expose any lies. Dr David John Oats received a Nobel Lauriet for discovering reverse speech is always truthful. You learned spell casting or spelling in grade school. You have god/dog virus & you place the power of creation outside of you. God = dog in reverse & pointing to the dog star Serius where your slave masters hail from. Make no engraven images & worship no idols. The word "god" doesn't make you think of cream corn, It makes you think of your jealous master. You create from love or fear of your environment. Everything is a reflection of you. You burry your head in fear & blame others for creating hell on Earth. You place the black cube on your head at graduation = 100% Satanic. You Pay your college tuition & give up all your intuition = Satan indoctrinated 100%. You have gold fever virus & $ is worthless paper backed by your stupidity- not gold. You let money come between people & life saving medical care. Your leaders are Satanic & they get the best medical care at your expense. Your shoes disconnect you from Pacha Momma & good health. You have time virus = only slaves know what time is. Slaves must pay their tax on time, get to slave/work on time, court on time & so on. You have space virus & nothing is outside of your head. You have vampire virus & should be sun gazing over killing (HRM Protocol). Food is 2ndary sun energy. Everyone takes their energy from the sun, plant, animal, vegetable & gives it to the black hole sun 24/7 but can't detect it. "The antichrist is your savior" & you must become the antichrist yourself to save the world/those you love. Yashua translated = name never to be said. You have Stockholm syndrome & you defend your master Satan to your death. At your death the light leads you to the moon where your memory is erased. Your astral body is placed into new womb. You're then born into carbon 666 flesh pack all over again to power the matrix. Pacha momma is beneath your feet not hell. "Live" reversed is "evil" because you're a singularity/star at heart. Your 666carbon flesh Pack is your cage. Your cage has 7 chakra inside, 3 above + 2 below. All owned by Your Master=Satan. When you need to shit, get Horney, get hungry, feel pain in your heart, get a frog in your throat, get a headache or your scalp tightens up, you are powering a free energy machine you call big bang. The "eye of Horus is your brain seen from the side, line for line. Satan gave you his serpent brain; see a chart you're reptilian at your core. 99% of people have 1 slit snake eye in photos you blow up close. You should be a sun gazer (HRM protocol barefoot on sand) This shuts down Your satan porthole your third eye. You take your energy from the one true sun in plant, animal & vegetable then feed it to the black hole sun. Your doing it now. The Internet is the NWO &100% a Satanic device that tracks your every keystroke /location you travel to physically /emotionally. To eat over sun gazing means you killed conscious life to steal energy it got from the sun. Consuming Secondary sun = Vampirism. Unite peacefully for your survival if not love for ea other. You have Stockholm syndrome & you defend Satan to your last breath. You're not going to stop worshiping Satan so the least you could do is worship everyone else also. I worship you. See my chan after to get a better idea of what's happened to you.
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