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[FIRST VIDEO] Illinois Tornado Caught On Camera 17 Nov 2013 : 6 Killed As Tornadoes Rip US Midwest
CHICAGO, Nov 17 (Reuters) - A fast-moving storm system triggered multiple tornadoes in Illinois and Indiana on Sunday, killing at least two people, injuring about 40 and flattening large parts of the city of Washington, Illinois as it crashed across the Midwest, officials said. The storm created tornadoes in Bone Gap and Miller City, Illinois, in Mount Carmel, Noblesville and Vincennes in Indiana, and in Paducah, Kentucky, the National Weather Service said. The storm also forced the Chicago Bears to halt their game against the Baltimore Ravens and encourage fans at Soldier Field to seek shelter as the storm roared in. Chicago's two major airports also briefly stopped traffic with the metropolitan area was under a tornado watch. The city of Washington, Illinois, was hit hard by what the National Weather Service called a "large and extremely dangerous" tornado. Thirty-one people injured by the storm that hit Washington were being treated at St. Francis Medical Center, one of the main hospitals in nearby Peoria, according to hospital spokeswoman Amy Paul. Eight had traumatic injuries. Two people were killed in Washington County, Illinois, about 200 miles (320 km) south of Peoria, said Illinois Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Patti Thompson. The agency estimated that at least 70 homes were destroyed across the state. Illinois tornado caught on camera Killer tornadoes batter Midwest Storm kills five as tornadoes rip US Midwest Tornadoes, high winds sweep across Midwest, flattening communities and killing 6 AP PHOTOS: Tornadoes touch down in Midwest states Thousands in Ohio without power after high winds Tornadoes tear through Indiana, Illinois - 45 Minutes Ago AP PHOTOS: Tornadoes Touch Down in Midwest States At least 6 people dead after tornadoes, thunderstorms strike Midwest Tornadoes, severe storms blast Midwest Midwest under high storm threat EF4 tornado strikes New Minden, Ill; 6 killed Emergency official confirms 6th death after Illinois tornadoes; latest in far ... Tornadoes rampage across Illinois At least 6 dead as tornadoes cause widespread damage in Illinois Violent tornadoes kill 5 in US Midwest, dozens injured US tornadoes: 'Serious storm system' hits Midwest Tornadoes, damaging storms sweep through Midwest Tornadoes, damaging storms hit US Midwest, killing 6 tornado us history tornado us only tornado us map tornado usa today there tornado all about tornadoes get tornado tornado center top 10 tornado videos tornado videos youtube tornado pictures tornado videos 2011 tornado videos for kids hurricane videos tornado videos 2013 f5 tornado videos tornado fire tornado touches down tornado wilkin county largest tornado caught on tape tornadoes caught on video videos de tornados youtube tornado videos amazing tornado videos US Tornadoes, Tornadoes in US Nov 2013, Tornadoes video youtube, Illinois Storms video HD, Illinois Tornado Video, Midwest Storms, Midwest Tornado Damage, Midwest Tornado Threat, Midwest Tornado video , Illinois Tornadoes video, Midwest Tornadoes, Illinois Storms, Midwest Tornado Damage 17 Nov 2013, Midwest Storms caught on tape,video Illinois Tornado,youtube Illinois Tornado Damage Video, Natural Disasters, Kansas Storms, Reuters, Branson Missouri Storm, Illinois Storms, Harrisburg Illinois Storm, Harrisburg Il Tornado, Midwest Storms, Illinois Storm Deaths, Extreme Weather, Green News Natural Disasters, Video, Kansas Storms, Branson Missouri Storm, Illinois Storms, Harrisburg Illinois Storm, Illinois Storm Deaths, Midwest Storms, Extreme-Weather, Green News Natural Disasters, Video, Kansas Storms, Branson Missouri Storm, Illinois Storms, Harrisburg Illinois Storm, Midwest Storms, Illinois Storm Deaths, Extreme-Weather, Green News Tornado Watch, Illinois Tornado Touchdown, Tornado Watch Illinois, School Bus Accident, Storms, Illinois Storms, Illinois Weather, Illinois Tornado, Severe Weather, Loves Park, Chicago News Illinois Distaster Zones, Chicago News, Pat Quinn, Weather, Illinois Tornadoes, Illinois Tornado, Dwight Illinois, Illinois Storms, Natural Disasters, Chicago News Pat Quinn, Natural Disasters, Illinois Tornadoes, Illinois Distaster Zones, Illinois Storms, Weather, Illinois Tornado, Dwight Illinois, Video, Chicago News Illinois Tornado Touchdown
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INCREDIBLE! Amazing Triangle UFO caught on tape! France 12-10-2011
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Added: January 6, 2014, 1:42 am
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Plane Accidents caught on cam compilation.
Part 2 of plane accidents caught on cam. Song: Silence of the night. Artist: Cedrik Michel. CD: Les Enfants De La Patrie/Candy Life Buy:
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Added: January 6, 2014, 1:42 am
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Amazing Basketball shot caught on film (This is real)
A throwback clip (phone footage) of MFN & some of the GST boys messing around in the gym & caught this one tape. Twitter: Facebook Music Page: #GSTFamily
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Added: January 6, 2014, 2:32 am
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Willie Mays the Catch
Willie Mays Incredible catch !
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Added: January 5, 2014, 10:11 pm
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Head on accidents compilation caught on video!
Fatal Head On Crashes From Russia - Taiwan - USA - Australia The: scary, scariest, scared, caught, on, video, videos, scream, accidents, accident, car, crashes, compilation, funny, funniest, crash, automobile, AND PEOPLE DIE- not all of them tho: NO COMPLAINING There is a disclamer in the But I managed to get almost every impact to the YES! Me? I do not have much fear for accidents .. I have shut down 4 Lane highways Twice .. One Was Not My Fault ... BUT the other one ... Well It is a fine story for me to tell after 200,000 SO lets get them up there!! MUSIC BY: DMEM - SHIT! LOOKOUT - Free Soundcloud Download!!! Visit Us On Facebook: Check Out Our Tweets On Twitter: Or On Tumblr: Free Downloads In SoundCloud: Killer Posts on BuzzFeed:
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Sasquatch caught on video by Chinese tourists HD - Fringe News Breaking Story
Rev. Jeff takes a closer look at the newest video was provided by a person touring Mission BC, who asked to stay anonymous. This is one of the videos they captured that definitely looks like evidence that there is a Real live Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, in the hills of Mission BC. This is a must see! Subscribe Now! Decisions by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution Follow me on twitter @sloungepodcast Follow me on Facebook - The Squatchers Lounge Podcast Facebook Group Home - The Squatchers Lounge Mulder's World The Bigfoot Report Bigfoot Evidence after Hours with Rictor Who Forted Magazine Sasquatch Scoop Sweet Sassy Glassy Hand Craft Glass Art bigfootcrossroads You Tube Channels Interested in being part of the group? Do you provide content on a regular basis? Message me sloungepodcast@
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Random Moments Caught On Dash Cam Compilation 1
These are crazy, funny, wtf, etc. daily random occurrences that I see in my daily driving around and to and from work. Clips In Order: 1; Amish Paradise 2. Big Farm Tractor. 3. A 5 Way Stop In The Middle Of The Country Side 4. Tight Fit 5. Ghost Cart At Grocery Store 6. Shooting Range Very Close To Raod 7. Trying To Catch Loose Little Dog 8. Landfill Dumptruck 9. Rescuing A Kitten 10. Redneck Roundup Time! End Support Our Troops!
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Added: January 5, 2014, 10:24 pm
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