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Amazing Cosplay
Videos Caught on
Tape - Entry #1

1930 days ago
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Amazing Man Under
Water for 3 Days
(Rescued From
Sunken Ship)

1929 days ago
Views: 1453
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Amazing meteorite
explosion caught
on tape

1930 days ago
Views: 1321
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Amazing Meteorite
shower caught on
tape in Russia

1930 days ago
Views: 1570
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Boy Gets Head
Stuck In Stone
Balcony in China

1910 days ago
Views: 995
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Crime caught on
video: woman
tricked into sink

1888 days ago
Views: 839
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Dramatic high rise
rescues caught on
video in China1178

1846 days ago
Views: 912
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Mudslide Rescue
Caught on Video |
The New York Times

1846 days ago
Views: 1441
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